The idea of this project is to make a recycling process more sensible and conscious to wasted products. The electronic products, that have finished serving the humanity is going to shredders and losing their unique identity, without any chance to preserve a memory of its existence. eWaste ReEvolution is one of the alternative ways to make old servants to be life again in more considerate way. The fictional story of resurrection and new evolution helps to develop new methods and techniques whereby creates unique designs and uncommon forms from electronic waste.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sarah Colson's Dysfunctional Community.

Day ago i found the lost postcard with pictures of Dysfunctional Community objects that I picked in London two years ago at one of exhibitions. I met Sarah at New Designers Exhibition and was fascinated by her project. At the same time i already finished to work on large quantity of ReEvolution objects and in comparison I found deep similarity between our objects. By size, by colors, by feeling and they made with jewelery accuracy. She used many different small pieces to create tiny objects and among them appearing many kind of electronic parts. Sarah's translated the functional object described by other peoples to 'blind' (dysfunctional) objects by keeping key elements.